Mother Teresa Catholic College
Tel: (08) 9591 7100 | Fax:
Address: 731 Eighty Road, Baldivis


Ms Geri O’Keefe



Mr Alan Morrison

Assistant Principal / Year 5 Blue



Mrs Michelle Reed

College Bursar

Mrs Raelene Ritikis

Principal Assistant

Mrs Sue Quigg

Finance Officer

Mrs Jane Pastore

Administrative Assistant

Miss Tina Desousa

Kindergarten Blue

Mrs Sylvia Faed

Kindergarten White

Mr Evan Jones

Pre-Primary Blue

Mrs Renee Lea

Pre-Primary White

Mrs Lucia Miller

Year 1 Blue

Miss Laura Smith

Year 1 White

Miss Lorralie Bucknell

Year 2 Blue

Miss Larissa Elms

Year 2 White

Mrs Charlotte Morgan

Year 3 Blue

Mrs Kaye Elsum

Year 3 White

Mr Daniel Burro

Year 4 Blue

Mrs Nicola Crowdy

Year 4 White

Mrs Lisa Mitchell

Year 5 Blue

Mrs Alison Romagnolo

Year 5 White

Mrs Kelly Winfield-Hart

Year 5 White


Miss Kiara Grigo

Year 6 Blue

Miss Tammy Moroney

Year 6 White

Mrs Robyn Dixon

School Councilor

Ms Louise Murray

Science Teacher

Mrs Christina Davies


Mrs Helen McClenaghan


Mrs Natalia Robayo

Music Teacher (Junior)

Mrs Geraldine Williams

Music Teacher (Senior)

Mrs Kim Rozario

Indonesian Teacher

Mrs Kristy Watson

Indonesian Teacher / Year 1 Blue (Term 3)

Ms Ann Priest

LLI/Library Teacher

Mrs Meg Armitage

Education Assistant

Mrs Mary Mulry

Education Assistant

Mrs Michelle Grove

Education Assistant

Mrs Georgina Elphinstone

Education Assistant

Mrs Liz Hodgson

Education Assistant

Mrs Catherine Conway

Education Assistant

Mrs Joe-Anne Buchan

Education Assistant

Mrs Emma Da Silva

Education Assistant

Mrs Martina  Leahy

Education Assistant

Mrs Tameka Slomp

Education Assistant



Ms Anita Marjan

Defence Service Transition Aide (DSTA)



Mrs Di Stock

Uniform Shop Manager



Principal Ms Geri O’Keefe
Assistant Principal  Mrs Trish Cashman
Assistant Principal Mr Alan Morrison
Bursar Mrs Michelle Reed
Receptionist Mrs Jane Pastore
Principal’s PA & Registrar Mrs Raelene Ritikis
Finance Officer Mrs Sue Quigg (Mon – Thurs)
Uniform Shop Mrs Dianne Stock (Tues & Thurs (pm))
Kindy Blue (KB) Mrs Sylvia Faed (Mon-Wed)
Kindy White (KW) Miss Tina Da Sousa (Wed-Fri)
Pre-Primary Blue (PPB) Mr Evan Jones
Pre-Primary White (PW) Mrs Renee Lea
Year 1 Blue (1B) Mrs Lucia Miller / Mrs Kristy Watson (Term 3)
Year 1 White (1W) Miss Laura Smith
Year 2 Blue (2B) Miss Lorralie Bucknell
Year 2 White (2W) Miss Larissa Elms
Year 3 White (3W) Mrs Kaye Elsum
Year 3 Blue (3B) Mrs Charlotte Morgan
Year 4 Blue (4B) Mr Daniel Burro
Year 4 White (4W) Mrs Nicola Crowdy
Year 5 White (5B) Mrs Lisa Mitchell (Mon-Wed) & Mr Alan Morrison (Wed–Fri)
Year 5 White (5W) Mrs Alison Romagnolo (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Kelly Winfield-Hart (Wed–Fri)
Year 6 White (6B) Miss Kiara Grigo
Year 6 White (6W) Ms Tammy Moroney
Physical Education / Health Mrs Christina Davies (Tues/Wed am, Thurs, Fri)
Music / Drama
Mrs Natalia Robayo
(Junior Music & Support)
Music Ms Geraldine Williams (Senior Music, Choir)
Indonesian Mrs Kristy Watson (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
Reading Recovery / LLI / Library Miss Ann Priest
Science Ms Louise Murray
Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Mrs Lucia Miller
Sustainability and Gifted & Talented Mrs Helen McClenaghan (Mon, Tues)
Curriculum, RE, LLI & Special Needs Mrs Trish Cashman
Counsellor Mrs Robyn Dixon (Wed and Fri am)
Defence Service Transition Aide Ms Anita Marjan (Wed, Thurs pm & Fri all day)
Kindy Blue Mrs Emma Da Silva & Mrs Tameka Slomp
Kindy White Mrs Meg Armitage & Mrs Joe-Anne Buchan
Pre-Primary Blue Mrs Mary Mulry
Pre-Primary White Mrs Catherine Conway
Year 1 Blue / White Mrs Michelle Grove
Special Needs Mrs Liz Hodgson, Mrs Georgina Elphinstone,        

Mrs Martina Leahy

Reading Groups Mrs Michelle Grove