Mother Teresa Catholic College
Tel: (08) 9591 7100 | Fax:
Address: 731 Eighty Road, Baldivis
College Principal Ms Geri O’Keefe
Associate Principal – Junior School Mrs Anne Aquino
Assistant Associate Principal (Pre-K – Yr 2) Mrs Aisling Keaney
Assistant Associate Principal (Yr3 – Yr6) Mrs Alison Romagnolo
Year 7 Coordinator Miss Tammy Moroney
Year 8 Coordinator Mr Alan Morrison
Principal’s PA Mrs Sandra Loveridge
Business Manager Mrs Michelle Reed
College Receptionist Mrs Katherine Graydon
Junior School Receptionist/PA Mrs Emma Da Silva
College Registrar Mrs Catherine Conway
Senior Finance Officer Mrs Sarah Berveling
Family Fees Officer Mrs Joanne Kett
Uniform Shop Manager Mrs Claudia Went (Tues & Thurs)
Technical Officer Mr Oliver Pinder
Maintenance Officer Mr Brian Kenny
CLASS TEACHERS – Junior School:
3 Year Old Kindy Miss Paige Gavin (Tuesday)
Kindy Wanju (KW) Mrs Joslyn Bezant
Kindy Kaya (KK) Miss Paige Gavin (Wed-Fri)
Kindy Tjiripin (KD) Mrs Julie McMullen
Pre-Primary Blue (PPB) Miss Tina Da Sousa/Sylvia Faed
Pre-Primary White (PW) Mrs Angela Skates
Year 1 Blue (1B) Mrs Anita Chesworth
Year 1 White (1W) Miss Renee Lea
Year 2 Blue (2B) Mr Evan Jones
Year 2 White (2W) Miss Ann Priest
Year 3 White (3W) Mrs Nicola Crowdy
Year 3 Blue (3B) Miss Laura Smith
Year 4 Blue (4B) Mrs Lisa Mitchell (Mon-Wed) & Mrs Megan Waters (Thurs-Fri)
Year 4 White (4W) Mrs Louise Rimmer
Year 5 Blue (5B) Mrs Kelly Winfield-Hart
Year 5 White (5W) Mr Daniel Burro
Year 6 Blue (6B) Miss Kiara Grigo
Year 6 White (6W) Miss Lorralie Bucknell
 MIDDLE SCHOOL (Yr7) – Homeroom Teachers
7.1 Mrs Kim Spencer & Ms Kerri Pears
7.2 Mrs Caroline Hayes
7.3 Miss Rhianna Hall
7.4 Mrs Deborah Boylen
7.5 Mr Adam Brooks
MIDDLE SCHOOL (Yr8) – Homeroom Teachers
BOODJAR Miss Jemma Sadler & Miss Harriett Fettis
KAAL Mrs Sarah Gaynor & Ms Jo McNally
KEP Mr Paul Chant & Miss Corina Penny
MAAR Mrs Dian Wijayanti & Mr Glenn Scarterfield
Physical Education / Health Mr Drew Walsh/ Mr Glenn Scaterfield/Mrs Christina Davies
Dance Miss Harriet Fettis
Music (PP-3) Mrs Marisa Cipriano- PP- Yr 3 (Wed/Thurs)/ Mrs Sarah Gaynor
Indonesian (K – 6) Mrs Kim Rozario (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
Indonesian (Yr 7 – Yr 8) Ms Dian Wijayanti
Science (Junior School) Mrs Alison Romagnolo/Mrs Aisling Keaney
Gifted & Talented Mrs Kelly Winfield-Hart/ Mr Daniel Burro (Junior School)Mrs Kim Spencer/ Miss Rhianna Hall (Middle School)
Sustainability Mrs Helen McClenaghan (Tues, Wed)
Students with Disabilities & Special Needs Mrs Trish Cashman
Counsellor Mrs Sue Leaver (Wed,Thurs,Fri)
Defence Service Mentor TBA
3YO Kindy (Tues) Mrs Martina Leahy
Kindy Wanju (Mon-Wed) Mrs Joe-Anne Buchan (Mon-Tues)/ Mrs Cadwallader (Mon-Wed)/ Mrs Michelle Grove (Wed)
Kindy Tjiripan (Wed-Fri) Mrs Jane Pastore/Mrs Joe-Anne Buchan
Kindy Kaya (Wed-Fri) Mrs Mary Mulry/Mrs Sharon Deacon
Pre-Primary Blue Mrs Carrie Sneyd
Pre-Primary White Mrs Meg Armitage
Year 1 Blue / White Mrs Mary Mulry (Mon-Tues)/ Mrs Tameka Slomp (Wed-Fri)
Year 2 White / Blue Mrs Georgina Elphinstone
Year 7 & 8 Mr Christopher Jones
Students with Disabilities Mrs Liz Hodgson/Mrs Sharon Deacon (Mon-Tues) & Mrs Martina Leahy (Wed-Fri)
Literacy/Numeracy Intervention Mrs Michelle Grove (Junior School)

Mr Christopher Jones (Middle School)