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College Board

The College Board, in representing the Catholic school community, actively promotes and supports the Catholic ethos of the college.

At the beginning of each school year a board is inducted and commissioned. Board members are supported by CEWA, and are given access to training and appropriate information courses.

The board is responsible not only to the local college community, but also to the CECWA for the financial administration of the college. It is also entrusted with the duty of planning, on behalf of the college community, with the college staff (through the Principal) and with the CECWA to meet the present and future needs of students.

Membership of the Board is for a period of two years (except for Ex-Officio members such as the Principal and the Parish Priest) and members are able to stand for re-election three times ensuring that no member can serve more than six consecutive years. An Interim College Board, chaired by a Catholic Education Office representative, was convened early 2012 to steer the initial planning stages of Mother Teresa Catholic College. This Board was replaced, except for ex-officio members, by nominated and elected members of the college community, who formed the Inaugural Board of Mother Teresa Catholic College from the beginning of the college’s second year of operation, 2015.

Criteria for membership of the College Board include:

  • possession of special skills that will be an asset to the Board;
  • a deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff;
  • a desire to give service to the Catholic School Community;
  • a keenness to promote Catholic schooling;
  • an ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all other members of the Board;
  • a willingness to actively support and collaborate with the Parish of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta which uses the college premises for liturgies, meetings and Religious Education classes for children attending Government and other non-Catholic schools.
  • availability and time to attend meetings and devote to Board duties.

College Board Members:

      • Principal: Ms Geri O’Keefe (Ex-Officio Member)
      • Parish Priest: Fr Geoffrey Aldous (Ex-Officio Member)
      • Chairperson: Mr David Forbes
      • Treasurer: TBC


    • Mrs Tara Massey
    • Mrs Katie Beckwith
    • Mr Clinton Hort
    • P & F Representative: Ms Emma Lavery
    • Parish Representative: Mr Gary Booth