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Religious Education

Mother Teresa Catholic College offers an excellent educational choice for families wishing a Catholic Education for their children. Catholic schools provide rich learning opportunities and environments for young people which nurture them to develop a hunger for lifelong learning.

Students in Catholic schools complete all the state educational requirements. They have a sound educational focus based on current pedagogy and curriculum. What is distinctive about the curriculum in Catholic schools is the Religious Education Program and the ways in which gospel values are integrated into all aspects of the life and curriculum of the school.

Through its curriculum Mother Teresa Catholic College aims to promote integrated personal development which encourages students to develop into Christian persons who have learned to serve and be responsible for themselves and others.

Mother Teresa Catholic College also focuses on learning achievement for all students by endeavouring to meet their needs and offering them the support and encouragement needed to contribute to the development of Australian society.

Religious Education is a learning area which focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel as it is handed on by the Catholic Church.

Catechesis provides experiences which deepen faith: it is the lifelong apprenticeship in Christian formation.

Religious Education complements Catechesis offered in family, school and parish.

Religious Education in the school shall always respect parents as the prime educators of their children, particularly in the area of faith education.

The Religious Education program to be taught has been promulgated by the Archbishop of Perth.

The Religious Education curriculum shall be taught, developed and resourced with the same commitment as all other learning areas.

In Kindergarten classes, teachers are required to plan and provide quality programs, environments and pedagogical practices to raise the religious awareness of children.

Pre-Primary and Year 1 classes have the equivalent of 15 minutes per day for the Religious Education learning area. In Years 2-6 that equivalent of 30 minutes per day is allocated.

Teachers of Religious Education shall be committed Catholics and shall give active Christian witness to Catholic beliefs.